Baby dedications take place during Sunday morning service to give parents a “time-out” so that they can focus on ways to be intentional about shaping the faith and character of their child. Yes, we will ask parents to do about an hour worth of homework before Baby Dedication just to help them imagine the end and to widen their circle.  It is not mandatory but it is worth it.  Baby dedications are not just another program or event. Our intention is to create a memorable and sometimes life-changing experience for young families and the church as a whole. 


With Epic Church having many locations we will have baby dedications periodically based on the number of babies that we have registered.  Once you have registered your family for this event, you will receive an email from a leader in our eKIDZ dept here at Epic Church, giving you the specific date, times and what to expect for your family’s special day. 


We are honored to be a part of your family’s journey.  If you have any questions before signing up or if you have any questions at all please feel free to email Kathryn Flynn at anytime and she will get back to you.


Thank you for trusting us and we look forward to watching your child thrive and live life to the fullest!


1. Register online. Fill out the form below to register. 


2. Do the homework in the Parent Materials section of this page. Everything you need to complete is posted.


3. Expect an email from Kathryn with details about your special day.

4. Once you have the information from Kathryn, invite your friends and family! 





Watch the video above, then download and print the “Imagine the End” Homework Card by clicking the button below and complete the homework mentioned in the video.


Watch the video above, then make a list of who you will invite to experience the BabyD Celebration alongside you. You will pickup your invitations at BabyD Parent Orientation and can begin distribution immediately afterwards.