Becoming A Dream Team

The people of Babel became very prideful and arrogant in their own abilities (which God gave them by the way), and so they thought they could do anything on their own, basically eliminating any dependence or reliance on God. God actually recognizes the same thing. They were a great number of people, all with great gifts and abilities, all on the same page, all speaking the same language, all moving in the same direction towards the same goal. Sounds like the Dream Team from the '92 Olympics. For the people of Babel, the thing that brought on their demise was actually their desire. They just wanted to be famous. All they wanted was to make a name for themselves. So God has to step in, realizing that their hearts are impure, their motives are incorrect, and their destination was unsafe. As He changes their language, he halts progress on the tower they were building. He scatters them all over the world, demolishing their unified power. But if we look at what made them such a threat, we can learn how to become one ourselves.

Let’s get/stay on the same page.

Let’s speak the same language. (Love is a good one)

Let’s move the same direction.

Let’s work toward the same goal.

The problem that the people of Babel ran into was that they began to speak “Let Us”, rather than “Let's”.

What kind of unified power could we have, if we all got together and put our pride aside?

We would become Humbly Unstoppable!!

I would love that, you would love that, we would all love that, and God would love that. So Let’s...

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