One of our core values here at Epic is Servanthood.  You're never more like Jesus than when you serve others, and over the past 10 years, our dedication to serving our community has had a major impact on not just those we serve, but us as we serve as well.  In celebration of our 10th birthday, we're having a serve day simple called "Project X".  Check out these awesome ways you can get involved.  To sign up for each event, simply click the link below the event you want to participate in.  If you've got any questions at all, feel free to email Anna, our Outreach Director, at

2PM- Saturday, September 9th
We will be traveling to Decatur Health and Rehab at 2326 Morgan Ave. Decatur, AL. Some of our worship team will be there to play a few songs for them, and then we will play BINGO. We will ask everyone that serves this event to bring 5 BINGO prizes with them that a patient would like. This is a great outreach for children to be a part of. Once signed up, we will email you with more information.

2. Boys and Girls Club Park Makeover
9AM Saturday, September 9th 
We are going to help makeover the park behind the Boys and Girls Club on 3rd starting at 9AM. We will be putting out gravel, redoing flower beds, putting up soccer nets, painting, etc. Come help us create a beautiful spot for children to hang out and play! It is located at 407 3rd Street SW in Decatur, Alabama. Once signed up, you will be emailed with more information.

3. Breakfast Outreach
Time: TBD (appx. 7-8AM) Saturday, September 9th 
This team of people will cook breakfast items and deliver them to health care workers as a special treat. This is a great outreach for people that love to cook for others! Once signed up, we will email you more information.

4. Trash Clean-Up
9AM-10AM Saturday, September 9th 
We will be cleaning up areas of the city that are littered with trash. This simple act beautifies the city we love so much! We will provide gloves and trash bags. This is a great event for kids to help with! Once signed up, you will be emailed with more information.

5. Water Handout
10AM- 11AM Saturday, September 9th
We will be posted at major intersections throughout Decatur with free bottles of water and signs saying, "free water." We are asking that anyone serving this event brings a case of water in a cooler already iced down with them. This is our only event that isn't kid-friendly due to safety reasons. Once signed up, you will be emailed with more information!

6. Yard Clean-Up
Saturday AM September 9th
We are helping a lady clean up her yard. She has had open heart surgery, total hip replacement, and been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia. We will be cutting grass, weed eating, throwing away trash around the property, and cleaning up flower beds. Once you get signed up, you will be emailed with more information.

7. Childhood Cancer Outreach
Athens Campus
We are participating in the annual Superhero Day to raise funds for research and awareness of childhood cancer. We will have a booth set up that you can serve at by dressing up as a superhero, helping with a game for kids, or cleaning up afterwards! Superhero Day is at Big Spring Memorial Park in Athens. We have time slots available to best fit your schedule ranging from 8:30AM-4:00PM. Once signed up, you will be emailed with more information.












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