This 15 day action plan is designed to unite our church as we practically apply the message of God’s love. Got your invite cards? Then let’s begin our Easter Action Plan.

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What better way to begin than with prayer! Let’s believe together that God will reveal Himself to us in a fresh way as we lead into Easter and that He will bring an even greater level of unity within our Epic family. Pray He would allow us moments with others to share the true message of Easter… Jesus. Be sure to put your prayer card somewhere that you’ll see it everyday!




Day 01: Sunday, March 18

Today’s Action Step:


Mark 16:15

On the bottom of your prayer card, write down the names of five people that God places on your heart. Go down the list and personally invite each person to join you at an Easter service this year.  Set a reminder for the same time everyday to pray for them individually from now until Easter.




Day 02: Monday, March 19

Today’s Action Step:


Philippians 4:8

Declare today “No Complaining Day.” Only speak life over creation today. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, focus on what is pure, right, noble, true, lovely, and admirable. If you find yourself complaining at any point today, stop and write down five things you are thankful for.




Day 03: Tuesday, March 20

Today’s Action Step:


Matthew 5:14-16

Today is the day to share your salvation story with someone! Take a deep breath, ask God to help you, and simply tell someone how God has changed your life. Don’t worry about being perfect; God will use your story to reach others. Go for it!




Day 04: Wednesday, March 21

Today’s Action Step:


1 Thessalonians 5:11

Sometimes we are good at thinking nice things about others and even saying kind things to them, but how often do we take the time to write it down? An encouraging card, email or text message can be read over and over. Pray and ask God to bring someone to your mind that need encouragement in written words. Now go encourage!




Day 05: Thursday, March 22

Today’s Action Step:


Ephesians 4:31-32

Get ready for a challenge! Today’s the day for each of us to rebuild a relationship with anyone we are in conflict with. Whether it is a big falling out or simply a relationship that has been rocky, let’s go out of our way today to allow the Holy Spirit to truly work within us. Let’s forgive others as Christ forgives us.




Day 06: Friday, March 23

Today’s Action Step:


Matthew 18:19-20

As the week draws to a close, let’s come into agreement that God will continue to reveal Himself to us in a fresh way and that He will bring an even greater level of unity within our Epic family. Pray that during our Love Week events we would connect with others and share the true message of Easter. Pray for our Easter Services and everyone attending, and pray for those you have invited.




Day 07: Saturday, March 24

Today’s Action Step:


1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Today, let’s love on our families, roommates, close friends, co-workers, and neighbors, the more traditional kinds of families – focusing on the good. Let’s serve one another with random acts of kindness and choose to be the greatest encouragers of those we are most familiar with! 




Day 08: Sunday, March 25

Today’s Action Step:


Mark 12:31

It’s Love Week! If you haven’t already signed up or made plans to participate in a Love Week event (or a few), check out what’s happening at your campus and see how you can get involved. Set a reminder to pray for all those who will serve our cities this week and that each Love Week event would allow us to connect with others, sharing the love of Christ and the true message of Easter.




Day 09: Monday, March 26

Today’s Action Step:


Hebrews 13:1-2

Today is the day to love on others in unexpected ways. Get creative! Pay for someone else’s meal, leave a thank note in your mailbox for your mail carrier, let a car merge into your lane, leave a roll of quarters at a laundromat — no matter how big or small it may seem, an act of kindness can change an eternity. If you signed up to serve at our Love Week event, go nuts with donuts in car line today!




Day 10: Tuesday, March 27

Today’s Action Step:


Isaiah 58:7-10

Be generous today in a practical way. Head to your local grocery store and purchase non-perishable food and hygiene items to drop-off at a local food bank. Be an individual’s or family’s answer to prayer by meeting this basic need. If you signed up to serve at our Love Week event, start praying now for the those you’ll be delivering to.




Day 11: Wednesday, March 28

Today’s Action Step:


Psalm 100

Today, grab your prayer card and walk your street, neighborhood, driveway, or even a parking lot nearby. As you walk, pray for the items listed on your prayer card, in addition to praying for the people your have invited to Easter services. Feel free to grab a friend or family member to join you. If you signed up to serve at our Love Week event, join your prayer team at 6:15p at your assigned location.




Day 12: Thursday, March 29

Today’s Action Step: 


Luke 6:38

Today is the day we are going to celebrate those in our cities. Give gifts in whatever way you are able, as many times as you are able. It could be as simple as a handwritten note, gift card, flowers, or maybe something more specific to the individual. If you signed up for today’s Love Week event, join us in celebrating the next generation in our cities! 


Day 13: Friday, March 30

Today’s Action Step:


Matthew 27:50

It’s Friday... and Sunday is coming! Today, use whatever platform you have (text message, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever!) to share the Easter message. Be prayerful, creative and deliberate as you craft your words and images, but most importantly, be YOU! Let those who see or read your thoughts, see that the message of Christ’s love is personal and life-changing for you. Today kicks off our first Easter service; end your message with an open invite to join us at one of our Easter services.




Day 14: Saturday, March 31

Today’s Action Step:


Colossians 3:23

Put your work gloves on and get ready to hit the streets as part of our Love Week event to clean-up the town. As we show love to our city, use today’s event as an opportunity to build a new relationship! Find someone on the team that you don’t know as well and spend part of the day working on the same project as them. Join us at 9:00AM in front of Decatur Campus!




Day 15: Sunday, April 1

Today’s Action Step:


Matthew 28:6

Today is the day! Easter Sunday is here. Follow up with anyone that you’ve invited to come to our Easter services. Give them a call and make a plan to meet up at the same service. As you sing during worship and listen to the message, take a moment to close your eyes and remind yourself of all that Jesus has done for you. After service, have lunch or dinner with extended family or friends. Today is a celebration! Jesus is alive!